I have worked on a variety of other projects in a myriad of roles. Check them out below!
Emerson: Definitely a College
A satirical short film that I starred in as the lead character. Since the production team was small, I also helped with elements such as sound.
As the 1st Assistant Director, I was vital in the creation of the shooting schedule and call sheets. On set, I worked to solve scheduling issues with cast and crew, ensuring that the set went smoothly. With my careful guidance, we often wrapped an hour or more ahead of schedule.
The short film is currently in post-production.
As Above, So Below
I worked as a makeup artist on the BFA short film, ensuring the sanitation of each tool I used and continuity. I worked with the director to execute her vision for each actor, as the film focuses heavily on the makeup of the characters.
Poison Tree
I was the Director of Photography on this project, which was a short film for a USC School of Cinematic Arts class entitled CTPR 310. I learned to navigate unfamiliar camera equipment and gear while working with a very small team to accomplish shots both indoors and outdoors during difficult weather.
More information coming soon!
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